Personal Data Processing Policy

This personal data processing policy (“Policy”) of TelphinUSA INC. Legal address: 233 Needham Street, Suite 550, Newton, MA 02464, USA , (the “Company”) sets forth the scope, purposes and methods of processing personal data of individuals who are not employees of the Company and is published in the public domain.

1. Legal basis for processing of personal data. The legal basis for processing personal data is the consent of the subject of personal data.

2. User consent to process personal data. By purchasing a license for our product (the Program for computers “Whatcrm”, “Avito by Whatcrm”, “Avito by Whatcrm and Telphin”, “Telegram by Whatcrm”, “Telegram by Whatcrm and Telphin”, “WhatsApp by Whatcrm”, “WhatsApp by Whatcrm and Telphin”) and registering in the system, the site user expresses his consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes and to the extent necessary to perform the Agreement of offer. User of the Company’s website can subscribe to receive newsletters by e-mail, if such opportunity is provided by the website. From the mailing list you can receive information about news, analytical materials, events held by the Site, etc. By filling in the “e-mail” field, the user consents to receive such mailings. User may withdraw their consent to receive newsletters at any time. An opportunity to unsubscribe is provided to the user in each mailing.

3. Purpose of personal data processing. The purpose of processing personal data is to provide the user with information about the Company, including the terms of contracts, services provided, promotions and special offers; analysis of the quality of services provided by the Company and improving the quality of customer service of the Company; contract fulfillment; service delivery; accounting services provided to consumers for settlements, work with complaints and claims of customers of the Company. If the user of the site is just browsing the Company’s site, the personal data is not processed. 4.

4. The amount of personal data processed. The Company processes the following personal data of individuals who are not employees of the Company: full name, e-mail, telephone number, address, payment details. The site uses cookie processing technologies (cookies) — small text files in which the browser records data of websites visited by the user. This data is used to collect information on the actions of visitors to the site in order to improve its content and features. At any time the user can change the settings in his browser settings so that the browser stops saving all cookies and also informs about their sending. In this case, some services and functions of the site can stop working or work incorrectly.

5. Privacy of personal data. The site does not disclose to third parties and does not distribute personal data of site users without their consent, unless otherwise provided by federal law.

6. Term of processing of personal data. The data provided by the user is processed until the liquidation (reorganization) of the Company.

7. Rights of the subject of personal data. The subject of personal data has the right to send a written request by e-mail to the Company to obtain information relating to the processing of his personal data.

8.1 Legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal data are applied: — identified threats to the security of personal data during their processing in personal data information systems; — the rules of access to the Data processed in the information system of personal data are defined, and the registration and accounting of all actions performed with personal data in personal data information systems is ensured.

8.2. The harm that may be caused to the subject of personal data is assessed, as well as the correlation between the harm caused and the measures taken by the Company to ensure the fulfillment of obligations under the applicable law.

8.3. Conditions that exclude unauthorized access to tangible and virtual media of personal data are observed.

8.4. The Company’s employees directly involved in processing personal data are familiarized with the provisions of the legislation on the protection and processing of personal data.